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If you have been in a situation when your car broke down in the middle of nowhere, then you surely know the enormous joy of seeing the tow truck, saving you from the trouble. Towing service companies are hired to do many services, starting from roadside assistance to transport of luxury cars. When it comes to towing, we are one of the best in the business.

Hollywood Towing

Towing Done by Our Team of Experts

We are your West Hollywood Local Towing premier company! We have down to earth customer service and want to make your experience with us a good one. We understand that when you call us, you’re more often than not in a bad situation. You might be broken down on the side of a busy street or just blown out a tire or maybe you’ve just ran out of fuel. When you call Towing Hollywood Services at (424) 372-0215, we make you the priority. We promise to get to you quickly. Being outside of your vehicle on the street is dangerous, and no place for you to be. Leave the dangerous stuff to the professionals who have the right tools to take care of the problem. Our technicians always stay up to date and current on all the latest tow and roadside news to better assist you. All of Towing Hollywood  technicians are fully licensed and insured, so you know your service is completely certified.

Towing Services:

  • Car Tows
  • Flatbed Tows
  • Wheel Lift Tows
  • Heavy Duty Tows
  • Light Duty Tows
  • Motorcycle Tows
  • Motorhome Tows
  • Long Distance Tows
  • Accidental Removal
motorcycle towing
hollywood towing - car towing
towing services - accident removal

Roadside Assistance:

  • Flat Tire Change
  • Jump Start
  • Charge Car Battery
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Winch Service
  • Gas Delivery Service
  • Fuel Services
  • Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Ignition Replacement
hollywood towing - flat tire change
jump start

Our Services Can Help

You would certainly be surprised to hear what towing services do. They are hired to do many services. Tow companies provide services that range from towing of broken-down vehicles, roadside assistance, recovery of vehicles damaged in car accidents, removal of illegally parked vehicles, transport of all types of vehicles (luxury cars, SUVs, jeeps), motorcycles, bikes, etc.

We are available 24/7, and offer services that range from accident removal to transportation of luxury cars, exotic cars, motorcycles, antique and old-timers transportation and towing, removal of junk cars, removal of abandoned vehicles. We also offer services of transport and towing of corporate and commercial fleets.

We operate 24/7 to better serve you. Every minute of every day we are happy to assist you. We proudly service the following areas; Hollywood, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, West Hollywood, Griffith Park.

Towing Hollywood