Jump Start

When a car’s battery no longer has enough power to turn the starter motor, then turning the ignition key will not start the car. If faced with a dead car battery, the best choice is to call for jump start assistance. When you are in Hollywood, CA, the roadside assistance team from Hollywood Towing can perform the jump start that you need.

We Have All the Equipment for Jump Start Service

There is no need to worry about getting that set of jump start cables, neither do you need to ask passersby or friends to do it for you. you can Even if you can find help from them, are they able to do it properly? There is no need to risk taking the wrong step and get shocked by electricity. Give us a call and we will show up to safely jump the car battery for you.

We can be a lifesaver when you have left your car lights on overnight, or the starter of your vehicle just refuse to get started. When you call, our friendly dispatch will answer your queries and take note of the issue you are facing. We will dispatch our team to provide you with our service right after understanding the situation.

Reasons for Dead Battery

Cars need the electricity from the battery to supply power to the engine, thereby getting it started. Cars use battery power to operate electrical systems. This includes the headlights, dashboard controls, stereo, and so forth. Car batteries are charged by the alternator, but starting and stopping the engine within a short period will lead to a dead battery. This is so as the alternator needs time of around twenty minutes for engine power to fully charge a drained battery. Leaving electronics or lights running while the car is off will drain power from the battery, and high or low temperatures can cause a car battery to fail. The cold or heat from extreme weather will lead to the problem with the chemical reaction of the battery to generate power. If you are experiencing battery problems, then you may need a jump start to get going again.

After the battery is jump started and your car up and running, we will check to see the condition of the battery to let you know if anything should be replaced. In the event the vehicle can’t get started (for example a truck), you may need to get assistance from a repair shop to get a jump start using high capacity generators. For automobiles, we can offer to tow your vehicle to an auto shop for battery replacement.

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