Light Duty Towing

When your vehicle needs a light duty towing in Hollywood, then Hollywood Towing is the one you need! We will provide you with all the great towing services with a quick response time from your call. Typically, light duty vehicles have gross vehicle rating of less than 10,000 pounds. Examples of such vehicles include cars, SUVs, small trucks, and motorcycles. We do need your cooperation. That is by providing the details of your location and the type of vehicle you have. In this way, we can provide the right tow truck for the light duty towing service.

Tow Trucks for Light Duty Towing

Light trucks and automobiles that have received considerable damage are usually recovered by using a flatbed tow truck equipped with a winch system. A flatbed tow truck has a platform that has hydraulics which can lower the platform at an inclined angle to the ground so that automobiles can either be pulled up or driven up onto the platform. After which, the platform is leveled back for safe transportation. It is one of the most secure towing methods available, and it can make sure that the vehicle will stay firmly onto the tow truck.

Another type of light duty towing method is wheel lift towing. The tow truck has a yoke and it can be placed under the wheels of a towed vehicle. It is then lifted to prevent damage to the transmission or drivetrain during towing. One thing to note is this type of towing is used if the non-drive wheels are in good condition. Another benefit to this towing method is mobility.

We are proud to say that the services which we provide to our customers are the matchless and quality that no one else can provide. We assist our customers in towing service, auto towing service, roadside assistance, and emergency towing as our foremost responsibility. Our team provides all the above-mentioned services to our customers just at one call and reach them in the shortest time.

light duty towing

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