Roadside Assistance

There always seems to be a coincidence your car breaks down at the most inconvenient times. It could be when you are in a rush, dressed for certain occasions, or in bad weather. Should you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, call us for fast roadside assistance. You may be uncertain how to get your car back on the road, or you may know what can be done, but the process can be tedious. Such as walking to a gas station where it is few miles away, not possessing the right tools to fix a flat tire. There is no reason to wait long for help. When you are on the streets, roads, or highways in the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas, we will be there for you. Whether it is a flat tire, car battery problem, locked out of the car, or out of gas, we can provide timely assistance to you.

Flat Tire Change

A flat tire is one common roadside issue, it is a nasty experience for anyone while driving their cars. When you ever find yourself in this situation, give us a call. We will change that tire and get you back on the road. Our roadside technicians are experienced and skilled for the job. We can also tow your vehicle to a repair shop for repair or replacement if the issue is more than just about tires.

Jump Start, Charge Car Battery, and Car Battery Replacement

Car batteries die at the worst possible times. A dead battery is never something that is never fun to deal with. Our team at Hollywood Towing Service is ready to help and get you back on your way. We have the jump start tools and a fine line of car batteries for all your needs. So whether you need to have the car battery charged, jump start, or replaced, you can inform us so. You won’t be slowed down because we are fast to keep you going.

Out-of-Gas Fuel Delivery Service

If you are running on fumes, it is high time to call us for an out-of-gas fuel delivery service. Your car can only drive a limited distance with the remaining fuel. Driving on low fuel will also stress and damage the car engine. We can deliver the fuel right to where you are, and we are available any time. Let us know, so we can help!

Emergency Locksmith Services

Accidentally locked out of the car? Call us. When we receive your call, we will head to your location as quickly as possible to get you back on the road. Our technicians are trained to get your car door opened safely using tools and techniques that will unlock your door without causing any damage.

Winch Service

Pulling your car out of sand, mud, or ditch in bad weather is almost impossible alone. Do not attempt doing so by risking your safety and your vehicle. Let our towing professionals help winch you out of any sticky situations.

roadside assistance

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